2017 Jerald Bridgman Education Awardee – Mobile Seed Library

We are happy to announce that Sophie Javna and Rebecca GlazerĀ  are awardees under our 2017 Jerald Bridgman Education Fund. This grant is to support their effort to build a Mobile Seed Library that can hitch a ride behind a bicycle to schools in their neighborhood. We look forward to seeing it rolling down the driveway at Prospect Farm or zipping by us on its way to school!

We would also like to thank those who helped fund the 2017 grants with their generous donations of time, facilities and great food: The Warehouse Restaurant, The Margarita at Pine Creek, Adams Mountain Cafe, the Sourdough Boulangerie, Tapateria/Pizzeria Rustica, AspenPointe Cafe, and The Flying Carrot.

And if you want to support Slow Food Pikes Peaks 2018 Education Fund grant cycle and support our community growth in good, clean, and fair food, you can donate right now on our home page, or join us in the fall at our fundraiser!