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The plight of our biodiversity is more urgent than ever: In the last century, we lost 95 percent of our agricultural biodiversity in the United States.

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Long Read on Modern British Agriculture and BREXIT Sheds Light on Global Issues

I know that it is hard to set aside the time, but if you read one article on change in globalized agriculture this month, this London Review of Books article on BREXIT and British Agriculture is masterful. Just go read it now.

I don’t know how best to summarize, but it puts a very human face on farmers while situating them in imperial history and global forces of modern agriculture practice.  Finding ways to be good to the earth and to respect those who raise food is critical if we are to find our way to the good, clean, and fair food system we need. This article exemplifies a compassionate and inquiring approach we can all hope to emulate.

If we want change we will have to find ways to make food work respectable, profitable, and environmentally sound. We can all work on that.