Know your Chef, know your Farmer is key in Finding Local

We say “know your farmer, know your food”, but a recent long read in the Tampa Bay Times by Food Critic Laura Riley detailed how difficult it can be to know where the food in the restaurant or farmers market came from. Watch the story change from minute to minute as Laura lets folks know what she knows about the sources of their food (menu and market). It is an adventure you will not want to miss.

Highly recommended, and a nice lead in to our farm tour at Cloud 9 Farm and Wheeler Farm on May 22. One of the key reasons we like to visit farms in our neighborhood is so that we have some knowledge of where and how the products are raised/produced.  And also the reason we are big supporters of the Colorado Farm and Art Market, where they do an outstanding job of vetting all producers.

Know your farmer, know your food is key to rebuilding a vibrant local farming economy. Local seasonal products are at the heart of good, clean, and fair.

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