Colorado Springs Backyard Farms class. Graft your own Pawpaw tree — $40 Advanced Registration Required

Pawpaws are one of the Ark of Taste foods.  If you are interested, details are below:

Advanced registration through Buckley’s is required for this class.  

In the class you will learn all about pawpaws, and graft your own tree. Pawpaws are this country’s largest native fruit found wild from Nebraska and Kansas all the way to the east coast. Pawpaws can do well here given a little extra water, and partial shade when young. The mango size fruit is sweet with a tropical taste and aroma. Pawpaws grow into small bushy trees that can fit in even a small yard.

In this class we will start with a short presentation on pawpaws, then we will learn how to graft our tree. We start with large 3 year trees, and graft a superior fruiting variety onto it. Expert instruction, all materials, and a grafted tree are all included in this class. Because pawpaws cannot be reproduced from cuttings, all root stock must be grown from seed. This takes several years and is much more expensive. Grafted pawpaws from good mail order nurseries cost $30-$40 each, and are much smaller than the ones we will be grafting making this class a good deal. Seating is limited to about 10 participants.

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