Fun planning trip to Wheeler Farm

We are looking forward to the farm tour and potluck dinner at Wheeler Farm later this spring, so we had a fun trip to Penrose to talk about the event with Jerome Wheeler and see all the great progress they are making. We got to see the chickens, goats, turkeys, pigs/piglets, greenhouse, and the dogs!

First, in the greenhouse that has been providing the great greens we have been getting at the Winter Market at CFAM.



Piglets getting some rest.



Momma getting a break   🙂



Chickens on the prowl!


Challenges for new farms and farmers entering as organic producers

There was an article in the 3/23/2016 Gazette on the challenges faced by new organic farmers in Boulder county. Boulder county has lands that it is attempting to preserve as agricultural land, and provides incentives to farmers who are entering the business. Turns out that making a go of agriculture, even in a friendly climate, is a real challenge,

One of the ongoing challenges to growing our producer base is the difficulty of providing a fair income for a farm family in Colorado. We have become accustomed to cheap food available at any time and the harm to our agricultural community is immense.

We at Slow Food Colorado Springs are proud supporters of the agricultural community in our Arkansas Valley watershed that continues to grow and deliver great food, and we support a fair return for their hard work and dedication.